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BSM Institution Payment (BPI) is a BSM payment system to facilitate an institution with large customers to receive payment from their customers through BSM Branches, BSM Net Banking, BSM ATMs, Mandiri ATMs, Joint ATMs and Prima ATMs.

Target Customers: Institutions, Schools & Foundations.

BPI Types of Services:

  1. BPI Host To Host (the institution system is connected to the BPI system)
  2. BPI Semi Host To Host (database of an institution customer is uploaded to the BPI BSM web)

BPI Facilities for Institutions:

  1. Payment transaction data from customers is updated in real time to the Institution system and the BPI system
  2. Institution customers have easy access to verify the amount of their own bills as the customer's name and amount of bills appear in the BSM Net Banking, BSM ATMs, ATMs
  3. Payment can be made either by a fixed amount method (fixed bill value) or unfixed amount (unfixed bill value).
  4. Payment from institution customers can be received through the Joint ATM or Prima ATM network and received by the institution account with BSM.

Requirements for Institutions

  1. Giro account.
  2. Trading License, Company Registration Number & Taxpayer ID Number.
  3. Submit a BPI application to the nearest BSM Branch
  4. Complete a BPI form
  5. Sign PKS between the BSM branch and Institution

BPI Payment Methods:

  1. BSM Branches throughout Indonesia
  2. BSM Net Banking
  3. BSM ATMs
  4. Mandiri ATMs
  5. Joint ATM network & Prima ATM netwrok

Implementation of BPI Services:

BPI SLA ± 1 month after application documents are received by BSM (the process duration depends on the institution system preparedness)

A BSM ATM is an Automated Teller Machine owned by BSM. BSM ATMs may be used by customers (BSM, Prima member banks, Joint member banks and Bancard members) for cash and non-cash transactions.