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Description of Products

  • BSM Multi-Access is a service feature of BSM Net Banking that provides services to the coordinator to monitor balance and account statements of its members, as different from CIF. The service connects the coordinator with its members into a structure/tree using the BSM Net Banking facility.
  • For each structure in the BSM Multi-Access services, there will be one coordinator in the form of a parent account and several member accounts made thereunder.
  • The hierarchical form of the BSM Multi-Access services is the organization tree chart in a diagram form with flexibility of the institution.
  • Each member of the BSM Multi-Access, regardless of a coordinator or a member, must register their account for access by the coordinator through the BSM Multi-Access. The number of accounts for registration by the member to the BSM Multi-Access services may be more than one account.
  • BSM Multi-Access can only be accessed by the coordinator through the BSM Net Banking application in the “special” menu.
  • The BSM Multi-Access system has the function to provide the following information to the coordinator:
    • The balance of each member,
    • The total balance as per level,
    • The consolidated balance of all members and coordinator,
    • The account statements of each member.

Service Fee
A fee of Rp100,000 is charged to the coordinator for the use of the BSM Multi-Access services every month by 10th of each month to the parent account registered with the BSM Multi-Access. This service fee is subject to change depending on the BSM policy.

Requirements for Customers

  • Facilities are dedicated to institutional customers (coordinator and members) who hold savings accounts.
  • The coordinator must have BSM Net Banking services prior to applying for the BSM Multi-Access.
  • The coordinator must complete the Multi-Access BSM Service application form with the BSM Branch.
  • Members of the institution joining the BSM Multi-Access services must complete a power of attorney form and submit it to the coordinating branch office. The power of attorney form is hereto attached.
  • The coordinating branch must verify the initial data against the power of attorney of each member to ensure that the data check out and it is true that the signature on the power of attorney belong to the party entitled to the account.
  • The coordinator must leave an amount of balance every month to cover a debit for charging a fee for the use of the BSM Multi-Access feature.