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Description of Products

  • A BSM Net Banking Multi-Level Account is an additional feature in the BSM Net Banking provided by BSM to facilitate customers in administering/managing funds in each customer account with different functions flexible to customers’ needs.
  • The maximum number of levels is 10.
  • All accounts belong to the company (main user).
  • Each sub-user is registered as 1 account.
  • A sub-user has the authority over:
    • an account registered on his/her behalf; and
    • all accounts registered for sub-users made thereunder

Benefits for Customers:

  • Customers can make an overbooking transaction between BDM’s customer accounts in stages to a lower level account.
  • Customers can manage financial transactions for each account flexible to the needs of his/her business.

Authority & Functions:

  • Authority
    • Main Users
    • Sub-users
  • Functions
    • Balance Checking
    • Transaction statements
    • Transactions
      • Transfer between banks (real time, SKN)
      • Overbooking transactions between the BSM banks