Bank Guarantee Issuance (based on Counter Guarantee)


Produk BSM

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A payment guarantee in the event of default on the basis of presentation of documents under the terms and conditions of claim contained in the bank guarantee and the sharia contracts of guarantee (kafalah).


  • Giro or financing customers
  • An application letter for issuance of a guarantee
  • Availability of SWIFT MT760 counter guarantee or counter standby for the bank
  • Beneficiary counter guarantee or counter standby is BSM
  • The bank guarantee currency is equivalent to that of the counter guarantee
  • In compliance with the Civil Code and Regulation of Bank Indonesia of 1993 concerning Bank Guarantee
  • Counter guarantor line facility is available.


  • As an alternative for financing facility
  • In rupiah or foreign currency
  • For goods or services
  • Flexible periods (1, 3, 6 and 12 months)
  • Fast claim disbursement