Single Band Usance Local L/C (SKBDN)


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Negotiation of usance SKBDN note receivables that have been accepted by the SKBDN-opening customer on the basis of sharia contracts, i.e. promise (wa’ad), an agency contract (wakalah) involving a fee (wakalah bil ujrah) and loan (qardh) which bear the signature of the SKBDN beneficiary.


  • A SKBDN-opening customer is a giro or financing customer
  • Complete an application for SKBDN and SKBDN contracts
  • Appropriate guarantee
  • Documents must conform to the terms and conditions of SKBDN
  • SKBDN is immediately issued to a customer
  • SKBDN is subject to the Regulation of Bank Indonesia of 2003 concerning SKBDN


  • As an alternative for financing facility
  • In rupiah or foreign currency
  • More-guaranteed delivery of goods
  • Payment is made only upon delivery of goods after the presentation of conforming documents as proof of delivery
  • Means to manage cash flow with more flexibility
  • Flexible guarantee (cash collateral, financing facility, or counter standby or counter guarantee)
  • Extremely competitive fee-charging (ujroh)