Usance SKBDN Negotiation


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Negotiation of usance SKBDN note receivables that have been accepted on the basis of sharia contracts, i.e. an agency contract (wakalah) involving a fee (wakalah bil ujrah) and loan (qardh).


  • Giro or financing customers
  • Customers have line facility (wa’ad)
  • Complete an application for negotiation and SKBDN contracts
  • Documents should be compliant
  • SWIFT Acceptance SKBDN MT754 or MT756
  • Line facility issuing/accepting bank is available
  • SKBDN is subject to the Regulation of Bank Indonesia of 2003 concerning SKBDN


  • As an alternative for financing facility
  • Set up line facility (wa’ad) without collateral
  • Means to manage cash flow with more flexibility
  • Flexible period: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months
  • As a guarantee for opening L/C or other SKBDN both sight and usance
  • Drawn on in foreign currency or rupiah
  • As guarantee for financing facility (both cash and non-cash)
  • Flexible guarantee (cash collateral, financing facility, or counter standby or counter guarantee)
  • For goods and services