To help address the customer’s liquidity shortage, especially the needs for short-term funds



Customers can take maximum advantage of bank financing within their needs by making flexible withdrawals.



Facilitating your business.

Produk BSM

What are the requirements?

  • Customers should be small, medium, large and corporation customers
  • Customers should make a report on the use of funds for 1 (one) month
  • Facilities are provided to meet the needs for temporary working capital, not for Permanent Working Capital, which is self-liquidating following the decrease in the business activities of the period
  • Each period of the Revolving Fund Financing facility must be used to achieve sales realization so that the profit sharing can have active checking account activity related to the business activities.
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Revolving Fund Financing is a working capital financing facility within the principle of partnership (musharakah), in which the funds can be withdrawn at any time as the customers require.

Financing Contract:

  • A partnership (musharakah) contract
  • A partnership (musharakah) contract is a business joint venture of two or more capital owners (syarik/shahibul maal) to finance one type of halal and productive business (masyru)


  • The type of financing is working capital financing
  • For individual and company financing
  • Maximum financing term: 1 year, and renewable
  • 2 (two) accounts are required, i.e. giro account and financing account
  • Withdrawals may be made at any time using a check/giro slip. Transfer is accompanied by a check/giro slip.