BSM Multi-Bank Payment

Description of Products

BSM Multi-Bank Payment (MBP) is a BSM payment system that allows an institution with large customers to receive payments from their customers through an ATM.

MBP Services Characteristics

  • Bill payment services by institution customers (any bank) through ‘bank transfer’ menu at the ATM (anywhere)
  • C2B à Collecting à Many (Member/Customer) to One (Institution)
  • Types of payment: Fees, charges, bills, donations, etc.
  • Using menu ‘overbooking/transfer between banks’ at the ATM. Insert the number of Customer in the destination account number.
  • Open Payment.

Development Fee:
Institutions will not be charged a development fee for the cooperation in using MBP facilities


1. Easy

  • Students can pay education fees in more than 50,000 ATMs (BSM ATMs, Mandiri ATMs, Prima ATMs and Joint ATMs).

2. Flexible

  • Students do not need to open an account at BSM.
  • Students can make payments at ATMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Fast

  • The proceeds from the student education fees payment are automatically credited (real time) to the account of the Education Institution.

4. Efficient

  • Financial management becomes more efficient and easier.

Terms of Services:

  • The payer should have a BSM ATM card, or any bank card with a Joint ATM logo or Prima logo
  • A customer bill can be paid by the Customer or anybody else only if the payer knows the amount of the bill, the institution code and the Customer number to which payment is to be made
  • Payment can be made more than once per month for each Customer
  • The types of payment can be grouped according to the types of transaction, e.g. building payments, exam payments, and tuition payments.
  • An MBP usage fee is charged every time the transaction is made, to the Institution, or to the customer
  • There is a receipt of payment that is valid and recognized by the bank and the provider
  • Customers can make bill payments within a specific time as determined by the institution.
  • A request for correction to the incorrect writing of the beneficiary institution’s account code and the nominal due to an input error by the customer cannot be fulfilled unless upon the approval after a written request from the beneficiary account holder.