Deposit Booking Seat Financing


A financing facility provided to companies engaged in special hajj pilgrimage and/or umrah services (PIHK/PIU) to fulfill the needs for placement of deposit funds to book flight seats for special hajj and umrah pilgrimages.

Produk BSM

What are the requirements?

  • An incorporated entity with full legality.
  • A license as a hajj pilgrimage and/or umrah service provider from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
  • A member of the association of hajj pilgrimage and/or umrah service providers
  • Minimum company age: 2 years, any of the management with a minimum of 3-year-experience in the field of travelling services.
  • A copy of 6 months’ current account and/or payment receipts of flight tickets representing at least 60% of the whole transactions
  • No complaint about the neglect of pilgrims (jamaah).
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Financing Features

  • The main guarantee is the deposit money with the airline that can be recalled under a power of attorney to claim the return to the PIHK/PIU escrow account to the Bank.
  • Minimum cash collateral is 10% of the disbursement of financing in the form of an escrow account or deposit, which is pledged as security in private form.
  • Term: up to 1 year.
  • Easy and fast process.
  • In cooperation with Garuda Indonesia, and other airlines.