House-Store Ownership Financing


Financing to individual customers or business entities to buy house-stores/house-offices.

Produk BSM

What are the requirements?

  • Valid business legality (Deed of establishment/amendment along with their validation, Trading License, Company Registration Number, Certificate of Domicile, Taxpayer ID Number)
  • Minimum business experience: 3 years
  • 6 months’ account statements
  • For self-employed, valid individual legality (ID Card, Taxpayer ID No., Marriage Certificate, Family Certificate)
  • Proof of valid collateral ownership
I'm interested


Market Targets

  • Individual professionals
  • Entities

Financing Features

  • Mark up/cost plus scheme (murabahah)
  • Term: up to 10 years.
  • Fixed Price until maturity at competitive price
  • Maximum Financing to Value (FTV): 80% for new objects and 75% for used objects.
  • Loss insurance for house-stores/house-offices.