Financing for Retirees




Providing an opportunity and ease of obtaining financing facilities



Improving the quality of life of the Customers under the installment payment system through a direct deduction for monthly pensions received each month.



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Financing for Retirees

What are the requirements?

Criteria for Customers:

  • Legal capacity
  • Retirees from Central/Regional Civil Servants, TNI membership, Police membership, Retirees from State-Own Corporations/Private Entities/Foreign Entities who receive a monthly retirement pension.
  • Maximum age of the customer: 70 years old at the time of financing maturity.
  • Willing to transfer the payment of monthly pensions through BSM.

Required Documents:

  • Customer’s original full application for financing
  • A copy of ID Cards of the applicant and husband/wife
  • A copy of Family Certificate
  • A copy of Marriage Certificate/Divorce Certificate
  • Original decision letter on customer’s retirement
  • A copy of telephone and electricity accounts
  • A copy of Freehold Estate Certificate (SHM)/Leasehold Land Title Certificate (SHGB)/Building Permit/Land and Building Tax, for financing with a house pledge as security
  • A copy of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (BPKB)/ Vehicle Identification Number/purchase invoice for financing with a motor vehicle pledge as security
  • Statement and a power of attorney to deduct a monthly pension received and signed across the tax stamp by the customer
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Financing for retirees is the distribution of consumer financing facility (including for multipurpose financing) to the retirees, for which installments are paid by directly deducting the pension money received by a bank each month (monthly pension). The contract to be used is a sale and purchase of goods financing contract (murabahah) or benefit of service financing contract (ijarah).

Types of Use, Among Other Things:

  1. School funds (a benefit of service financing contract (ijarah))
  2. House renovation (a sale and purchase of goods financing contract (murabahah))
  3. Purchase of domestic equipment (a sale and purchase of goods financing contract (murabahah))
  4. Purchase of motor vehicles (a sale and purchase of goods financing contract (murabahah))
  5. Purchase of goods for business (a sale and purchase of goods financing contract (murabahah)).

Financing Amount and Term:

  1. Maximum financing amount: Rp100,000,000.
  2. Financing term: 1 (one) through 3 (three) years.