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A BSM Institution Payment (BPI) Service is a Host-to-Host payment service system for institutional customers where payment can be made through BSM delivery channels, Joint ATMs and Prima ATMs. This is wakalah wal ujrah. Wakalah wal ujrah is a contract that authorizes a bank to represent a customer in paying his/her bills. The bank, for its service, receives a fee called ujrah.

Benefits of BSM Institution Payment (BPI) Services

    1. Easy
      • Payment is available at ATMs (Joint ATMs and Prima ATMs), BSM Mobile Banking and BSM Net Banking
      • Payment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through BSM Channels (BSM Net Banking) Prima ATMs and Joint ATMs.
    2. Quick
      • The proceeds of payment of Customers/Students will be automatically credited to the institution’s account.
      • A transaction report may be viewable in real time by the institution through web eupay
    3. Flexible
      • Customers/Students do not need to open an account at BSM.
      • Institutions do not need to open multiple-accounts at several banks.
    4. Efficient
      • Very easy to manage and control the institution’s finance.
      • Easier for the institution to manage the finance of the customers’ bills.
  1. Registration Process for BSM Institution Payment (BPI) Services
    1. The institution submits an application for cooperation for BPI services, completes and submits a statement, accompanied by a BSM Institution Payment (BPI) Services form.
    2. The BSM Branch Coordinator submits a copy of the statement and the BSM Institution Payment (BPI) Services form, accompanied by a cover letter from the BSM Branch, which bears the signature of the Branch Head to the BSM KP TRE
    3. BPI services use a real time transfer facility with the following codes:
      • 3 digits for BSM Code (451)
      • 3 digits for BPI Code (900)
      • 4 digits for Institution Code
      • 13 digits for Customer Code (NIM. Customer No, etc.)
  2. Fees
    1. The institution is committed to complying with any prevailing provisions for BPI Services (Set-up fee: 15 million and 2,000/transaction)
    2. BSM is entitled to charge the institution which desires to use BPI services a set-up fee for 15 million (one time charge)