Payment via ATM’s Overbooking Menus (PPBA)

An institutional payment service (educational institutions, insurance, specific institutions, non-bank financial institutions) provided through overbooking menus at the ATM. This is based on wakalah wal ujrah. Wakalah wal ujrah is a contract that authorizes a bank to represent a customer in paying his/her bills. The bank, for its service, receives a fee called ujrah.


* A giro account with BSM
* Credited to the institution’s account
* Customer payment report to the institution’s account
* One-day-after-transaction daily report to the institution vie e-mail or other media

Registration Process:

* The institution submits a completed PPBA facility application form to BSM
* BSM will write a special code of 3 digits for the institution
* The code will be used by a customer as an initial code to make payment
* Payment made at the ATM through overbooking menus by writing the institution code and is followed by the customer number.

Transaction Mechanism:

1. The institution submits a completed PPBA service application form
2. The Bank processes the application
3. The customer from the relevant institution opens a savings account at the bank
4. The customer makes payment at the ATM
5. The Bank processes the payment by system
6. The Bank processes the overbooking from the customers’ accounts to the institution’s account
7. The Bank provides the report on the overbooking made.


1. The institution is charged a PPBA facility development fee of Rp500,000.
2. The collection fee received by the bank is Rp1,500 per transaction by direct debit of every payment transaction.