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Ease of long-term financial planning



Insurance benefit is as much as the shortage of targeted funds of the monthly payment already paid



Save and Secured

BSM Planned Saving

What are the requirements?

  • Identity: Customer’s ID Card/Driving License/Passport
  • A source account in the form of Savings or Giro with BSM
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  • Within the unrestricted profit sharing principle (mudharabah mutlaqah).
  • Competitive profit sharing
  • Saving term: 1 through 10 years
  • Customer’s minimum age: 17 years; maximum age: 65 years at maturity
  • Minimum monthly deposit: Rp100 thousand
  • Minimum fund target: Rp1.2 million; and maximum: Rp200 million
  • Monthly deposit amount and savings term are irrevocable
  • Deposit other than monthly deposit is not accepted
  • Account balance is non-withdrawable, closure before maturity (end of contract term fee) will be charged an administrative fee


  • Ease of Customer’s long-term financial planning
  • Guaranteed to meet fund target
  • Free and automatic insurance coverage, without pre-policy medical check-up
  • Insurance benefit is equal to the shortage of targeted funds of the monthly payment already paid, so that the insurance benefit is calculated as follows:
    • Insurance benefit = Targeted funds – total monthly payment on claim.