Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah)




Ease of long-term financial planning



A BSM Card, serving as an ATM and Debit Card



Save and secured

Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah)

What are the requirements?

Identity: Customer’s ID Card/Driving License/Passport

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Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah), with withdrawals at any time under the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Features & Fees

  • Within the sharia principles under the principle of safekeeping contract (wadiah)
  • Minimum initial deposit: Rp20,000 (without ATM) & Rp30,000 (with ATM)
  • Minimum subsequent deposit: Rp10,000
  • Minimum balance: Rp20,000
  • Account closure fee: Rp10,000
  • Administration fee: Rp2,000 per account/month or equal to a monthly bonus (not deducting the principle)
  • ATM card maintenance fee: Rp2,000 per month


  • Save and secured
  • Online throughout the BSM outlets
  • Monthly bonuses given at the discretion of BSM
  • BSM Card facility, serving as an ATM & debit card, and a discount card with merchants in cooperation with BSM
  • e-Banking facilities: BSM Mobile Banking and BSM Net Banking
  • Distribution of zakat, infaq, and alms