BSM Retirement Savings




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Profit Sharing

Competitive profit sharing


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Opening an account with BSM throughout the BSM network

BSM Retirement Savings

What are the requirements?

  • Retirees and prospective retirees from (Civil Servants, State Officials, Judges, TNI membership, Police membership).
  • Beneficiaries of benefits paid by PT Taspen (Veteran PKRI and KNIP).
  • A copy of ID Card/Driving License
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BSM Retirement Savings are savings in rupiah under the unrestricted profit sharing principle (mudharabah mutlaqah), with withdrawals at any time under the agreed-upon terms and conditions. This product is the outcome of BSM's cooperation with PT Taspen dedicated to the Indonesian retired civil servants.


  • Managed under the unrestricted profit sharing principle (mudharabah mutlaqah)
  • Competitive profit sharing

Directions for transferring the retirement payment via BSM

  • Open a BSM Retirement Saving account
  • Take your BSM Retirement Saving account along with your Retirement Certificate to the PT Taspen office
  • Complete an account statement form from the paying office with PT Taspen