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Sharia Share Savings

What are the requirements?

  • Indonesian citizens: Valid local ID Card and Taxpayer ID Number
  • Foreign citizens: Passport and Temporary Stay Permit/Limited Stay Permit (KIM/KITAS)
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Sharia Share Savings are a Customer Fund Account in the form of a saving product specifically used for the purposes of Securities transaction settlement (both in the form of Customer's obligations and rights), and to acquire Customer's rights with respect to the Securities owned by the KSEI Account Holder.

Features & Fees

  • Within the sharia principles under the unrestricted profit sharing principle (mudharabah mutlaqah).
  • No initial deposit.
  • e-banking facility: transaction statement notification via email and BSM Net Banking* under the prevailing terms and conditions of the Sharia Share Saving Account Opening.
  • Initial deposit: Rp0 (No initial deposit).
  • Minimum balance: Rp0 (No minimum balance).
  • Minimum subsequent deposit: Rp10,000.
  • Administration fee: Rp0 (No administration fee).
  • Account closure fee: Rp0 (No account closure fee).