Customer Complaints

Bank Syariah Mandiri Customer Complaint Handling & Responses


  • Each customer has the right to file a complaint verbally and in writing
  • A complaint may be filed by a customer and/or customer representative

Reception of Customer Complaints

  1. Branch Offices
  2. BSM Call 14040
  3. Head Office, via written complaints
  4. Customer’s name
  5. Customer’s account number
  6. Type of service/complained products
  7. Transaction amount (if the complaint involves finance)
  8. Incident time
  9. Incident scene
  10. Grievances
  11. Contactable telephone number
  12. A copy of proof of identity of the customer’s representative
  13. A special power of attorney from the customer to the customer representative to the effect that the customer has authorized the representative appointed (individuals, institutions, or legal entities) to represent the customer and to act for and on behalf of the customer. Without a power of attorney, the Bank will not respond to the complaint filed by the customer representative.
  14. A Bank office will input any complaint filed by customers into the complaint recording system

Customer Complaint Handling and Redress

  1. Complaint Handling
    1. Upon a customer showing up, a complaint officer must investigate/pre-examine the complaint filed by the customer.
    2. investigation/pre-examination must be handled by at least:
      1. Examining the documents presented by the customer for correctness and completeness;
      2. Verifying the customer complaints against the records in the Bank system for correctness.
  2. Complaint Redress
    1. A complaint officer must immediately use a reasonable effort to redress the complaints of the customer regardless of the place where the customer opened an account.
    2. A complaint officer may coordinate with other working units at the Bank to redress the complaint filed by the customer.

      SLA Compliant Redress

      No. Type of Complaints SLA Complaint Redress
      1. Verbal complaints 2 working days
      2. Written complaints 14 working days


    3. In the circumstances, the Bank may extend the time period of redress for 20 working days. The time period for redressing a complaint is extendable as long as:
      1. The working unit that receives a complaint is not one where a grievance arise and there is a communication barrier between the two Bank Offices;
      2. A complaint filed requires specific research over documents with the Bank;
      3. There are instances beyond the control of the Bank such as the involvement of a third party other than banks in the transaction made by the customer

Alternative Means of Complaint Redress

  1. Where no agreement is reached on the complaint redress, a customer may resolve a dispute outside the bank or in a court of law.
  2. A dispute resolution outside the religious court as referred to in point 1 above may be sought in the Indonesian Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPSPI), Banking Mediation or limited facilitation by the Financial Services Authority.
  3. Where no dispute resolution is sought in the Indonesian Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPSPI) or Banking Mediation as referred to in point 2, the customer may raise a request to the regulator to facilitate the complaint redress of the customer who feels harmed by the Bank.
  4. A facility to redress a customer complaint provided by the regulator will be available to a complaint with an indication of dispute in the financial services sector and subject to the following requirements:
    1. The financial loss suffered by the customer shall not exceed Rp500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah).
    2. A customer shall file a written application accompanied by supporting documents relevant to the complaint filed.
    3. The bank has used a reasonable effort to redress the complaint, which is unacceptable to the customer, or there is failure to meet the deadline imposed.
    4. A complaint filed is not a dispute which is ongoing and/or pending its award/decision of an arbitration tribunal, court of law, or other mediation tribunal.
    5. A complaint filed is a civil complaint.
    6. A complaint filed has never been facilitated by the regulator.
    7. Filing to redress a complaint shall not exceed 60 (sixty) working days from the date the complaint findings letter is delivered by the Bank to the customer.
  5. Where the loss suffered by the customer exceeds Rp500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah), the complaint may be redressed by a pre-agreed judicial institution.
  6. The facilitation to process the customer complaint redress in the Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPSPI) or Banking Mediation
    1. In the process of customer complaint redress, the regulator will appoint a facilitator to undertake the complaint redress function.
    2. The facilitation to process the complaint redress shall become effective upon the customer and the Bank being in agreement with the facilitation by the regulator as stated in the facility agreement, containing:
      1. Agreement to choose the complaint redress facilitated by the regulator.
      2. Agreement to be subject to and comply with the facilitation rules adopted by the regulator.
      3. The process from the facilitation to the signing of the deed of agreement shall be completed within 30 (thirty) working days of the signing of the agreement between the customer and the Bank as referred to in point 6.b.2
  7. The period of the facilitation process as referred to in point 6.b.3 is renewable for a further 30 (thirty) working days under the deed of the agreement between the customer and the Bank.
  8. A flow chart for complaint redress through regulators